Monday, November 9, 2009

A Christmas Carol Review

My wife and I went to see Jim Carrey's new movie, A Christmas Carol, this weekend. We saw it in 3D. It's been a long time since I saw the original Scrooge movie so I couldn't remember all the details of what was suppose to happen. I am a big fan of Jim Carrey so I was pretty excited to see this one.

This was also the first movie I had seen in 3D without those goofy paper glasses on; I can't stand those things.

The movie started off with some unbelievable graphics that can't help but get your attention. They are awesome! Everything looks so real with the 3D version. Snow is flying and you catch yourself dodging some of the snow flakes. Once the opening scenes are finished and it gets into the story, it immediately starts going downhill.

The dialect is hard to hear and understand. I can't imagine a kid under 15 or so understanding 3/4 of what is said throughout the movie. It's written very proper and it's sad to say, but I'm sure that most people don't understand it. I regularly read the King James Bible so it was a little easier for me to understand, but it was hard to hear nonetheless.

The movie was very dark and had a few creepy parts, but the graphics made it worth watching. It's definitely not a kids movie; not because there is foul language or anything like that, it's just really hard to hear and understand. I don't know if they marketed this movie to kids, but it's NOT a kids movie. Also, I don't think it would be worth watching if not in 3D either.

So, to say the least, I was very disappointed with the movie. It didn't have any of Jim Carrey's humor. The storyline was good and I thought it followed the original like I remembered. I also thought it had a great Christmas sermon idea behind it.

First you have the sinner...

Then you have the visit...

and last, you have the change...

It's a great Christmas sermon idea and Here is an example from one of my favorite preachers.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fort Hood Massacre By Muslim Psychiatrist

Today is truly a sad day in America. Another example of the vicious religion of Islam! If you need a sermon idea for this Sunday, why not preach on this "peace loving" Muslim who mowed down 12 people? Sickening!

Army major kills 12 soldiers, wounds 31in mass shooting at Texas military base

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Speaking Out Against Government Policies

Anybody that knows me, knows I like to voice my opinion on issues that effect America. As a Christian it's very hard to set back and see laws endorsing homosexual marriage, abortion and other sin enforced in what is suppose to be a Christian nation.

I've recently had a change of heart after listening to a gospel sermon that will effect how I conduct myself concerning these matters. The pastor preached that we should pray for our leaders even if they are ungodly, they are ordained by God himself, to rule. He even mentions that in Isaiah, God used an ungodly king as judgment upon the people.

Instead of fighting against government and trying to get new laws passed, or protesting laws that as conservatives we believe will destroy our country, we need to spread the gospel more. The pastor used the example of Paul in Acts 19 when Paul preached the gospel so much that it changed the hearts of the people and they simply didn't want to worship the idol. It's a great story.

Sometimes we think that we only need to obey and be subject to leaders if they are the "good guys", but in fact when Paul wrote in Romans that we are to be subject to our leaders, Nero was king! That man was killing Christians just for preaching. Evil, wicked, Nero.

Proverbs (my favorite book) 21: 1 says that God has the hearts of the kings in His hand and he controls how they go. So, it's our jobs to pray for them even when we don't agree with them. Let's stop talking about how awful they are and start spreading the gospel. If you would like to listen to that gospel sermon that changed my heart the exact same way that the preacher says it will change the heart of the wicked, just click on play below.