Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sermon Ideas

One complaint heard most often from pastors is where to get sermon ideas. A study showed that most pastors only put 3-5 hours of study per week, into their sermons. Pastors get caught up in other duties and forget what they are called to do; preach the gospel.

There is a lot of stress in teaching the Bible and being well read is only one of the requirements. Getting fresh sermon ideas can be difficult when there is a lot on your plate. I read that using the analytical side of your brain to study and learn information doesn't jive with the creative side of the brain too well.

Sometimes we need to take a step back, and let our minds turn to mush to switch from the logical, analytical type of thinking to the creative. A couple things to help with this may be simply reading through a magazine, or a couple of them. Read the sales ads, sounds weird but it works. It takes your mind off of the logical thinking used when studying and putting a sermon together and switched to a more creative setting.

Another thing to do for sermon ideas is let somebody else find fresh topics for you, then use your logical mind to do what you do best. I started Sermon Ideas just for this purpose. Feel free to check it out if you need help finding fresh ideas for your sermons.

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